O3 offers its residents a wide variety of programming. Some programs are mandatory, meaning all residents must participate, while other programs are attended on a voluntary basis. Regardless, all programs focus on important parenting and general life skills.

Examples of mandatory programs

Mom and Tot: This program provides a space for parents and toddlers to gather together for an hour of learning and practicing nursery rhymes and songs. Followed by an art activity, snack and free play time.

Infant Stimulation: The program is for parents to learn about infant and child development through learning how to promote healthy cognitive and emotional development. Parents are taught positive interaction techniques and activities that help to strengthen healthy parent/baby attachment, as well as promote healthy emotional growth of a child. Also, parents receive positive peer and professional support in their role as parents.

HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters): Designed and adapted to help provide parents with the skills to prepare their young children for preschool and beyond!

Reading circle:
Developed by Frontier College, the goal of this activity is to help establish reading habits, promote reading fluency and comprehension, as well as promote a social context for literacy and community development.

Committee and Resident Meetings:
Monthly meetings which provide a chance for the residents to share and discuss issues, as well as plan and organize events and activities for O3 residents.

Teaches residents to plan out their revenues and expenses with the goal of learning how to save and spend their money in the best possible way.


Throughout the year, and with the help of other Montreal organizations, O3 provides relevant workshops for the residents. Workshops are intended to stimulate discussion, provide helpful tips and important information.
Organizations who have conducted workshops for O3 in the past include:
Auberge Shalom, COCO, Head and Hands, and Action Communautaire.

Recent Workshop topics:
  • Conjugal Violence
  • Sexual Health
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Fundraising
  • Balcony Gardening

Social Activities – the fun stuff!

O3 residents plan and organize fun group-oriented activities that help to create a sense of community and companionship amongst the O3 families.

The goal is for everyone to get to know each other better and reinforce a sense of community.

Examples of recent activities include:
  • Beauty Workshop
  • Skin care session
  • Swap night
  • Garage sale
  • Back to school BBQ
  • Games night

Special Events

O3 residents plan and organize, all or part of, major annual activities for the O3 community. For example, activities have been held at Halloween, Christmas , Easter and Black History Month. Some of these events are for the O3 community and others are done in conjunction with other NDG programs and communities.

Examples of Voluntary Programs (please note these are examples and not necessarily repeated each year).

Collective Kitchen 2009
Over a series of weeks, a group of residents came together to plan, prepare and share meal with one another and their children. It is an activity that prmoted a sense of community involvement, taught residents how to cook healthy meals and helped develop planning and childcare skills. This activity was begun at O3 by Merissa Nudelman in her role as a community nutritionist and funded by a SIPPE grant.

Women on the Rise
This is an informal parenting workshop with the goal of providing parents with self-confidence skills to help improve parent-child relations, address child behavioural problems and reduce levels of parental stress.

Spoken Word
An 8-week program, where residents from O3 and other community groups come together on a weekly basis to share a meal and explore new ways of expressing themselves through words. With the support of Black Theatre Workshop and the NDG community Council Community Organizer for Benny Farm.

Summer Fun
A program designed to provide the O3 residents with fun, engaging and entertaining activities to participate in with their children during the summer. The program includes activities throughout July and August.
Examples of Summer Fun Activities include:
Unitarian Church’s playgroup for young mothers, the NDG Park Splash park, Westmount Park and Westmount YMCA, Head and Hands, Insectarium, Bowling, Maison de la Culture NDG, Planetarium and La Ronde!

Kids Night
Held periodically throughout the year, these fun evenings include movies, games, snacks and a fun time with one another!

Saturday Drop Off
This intent of this program is for children to spend time together each week, while their parents had a break for a few hours. Each week was a different theme, for example sports, cooking, science or arts and crafts!

Summer Art 2009
A series of outings and activities, organized by summer student Nina, to explore different types of art, including painting murals, playing drums, visiting museums and going on a sculpture walk in Downtown Montreal.

Reading Tent
An event sponsored by Frontier College. A group of volunteers brought picture books, snacks and a tent to sit under to bring the children and parents from the Benny Farm community together to explore the world of books and promote literacy, while also listening to a drumming circle arranged by Frontier College!